Avoid Making These Costly Mistakes With Your Eyeglasses

Posted on: 15 September 2016

Whether you've been wearing eyeglasses for many years or just a few months, it's possible that you're not caring for them in the best way possible, which could require you to visit the optician to have the glasses repaired or even have them replaced. It's likely that you make many of these simple oversights without hardly thinking about what you're doing — and now it's time to understand the potential risk of such seemingly innocuous behaviors so that you can make some changes. Here are some things to avoid doing with your eyeglasses.

Setting Them On Your Head

If you're constantly switching between wearing your eyeglasses and not wearing them, it can be convenient to push them up onto your forehead or head when they're not needed. This behavior, however, isn't without risks. It's very easy for the glasses to slide off your head and crash to the floor several feet below. This can cause them to break, chip, or get scratched. A safer variation is to put a lanyard on the ear pieces of your glasses and hang them securely from your neck when they're not being worn.

Wiping Them With Your Shirt

It's likely that almost every glasses wearer has used his or her shirt to wipe down wet, dirty or greasy glasses at some point. While doing so can get rid of an unwanted smudge that is affecting your vision, it also puts the condition of your lenses at risk. Your clothing might feel soft, but it can contain tiny bits of grit — for example, if you're out on a windy day, sand grains can blow through the air and get lodged in your shirt. Then, when you use this garment to wipe your lenses, you'll end up scratching them. You should only ever use a specific eyeglasses cleaning cloth for this job.

Storing Them Without A Case

Whether you put your glasses in the chest pocket of your shirt, leave them on your bedside table overnight or set them on your computer desk when you leave the room, you could be putting them at risk. They can easily get scratched or damaged in each of these locations. For example, a family cat climbing on the computer desk could step on them or knock them onto the floor. Ideally, you should keep the glasses in their case. This will prevent them from getting scratched and, in the event that they're knocked to the floor, will cushion the impact.